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Learning Thru Skype

Bodhi360 utilises Skype conferencing technology to deliver dynamic training to remote organisations or individuals. Content is delivered in a realistic and imaginative fashion, features live interaction between the student(s) and instructor(s), and can incorporate Presentation slides and video learning aids.

In a period when organisations are encouraging their employees to operate as remote workers, this method of training helps to save time, money and the environment, thus fitting neatly into the ethos sustainability that is welcomed within global organisations.

What is Skype - and how can it benefit me?

Skype is an application that provides video, text and voice call services. Users may exchange such digital documents as images, text, video and presentations, and may transmit both text and video messages. Skype also provides a video conferencing service that can be utilised for individual and group calls, and which Bodhi360 uses as the bearer for our Learning Thru Skype system.

Is Bodhi360’s Learning Thru Skype only appropriate for remote students?

The Learning Thru Skype capability provided by Bodhi360 does not just extend to remote learners; we can also provide a training link direct into a company premises or school classroom, allowing for "desktop coaching" sessions for individuals, or full class learning (to a maximum of 10 students) utilising projected imagery.

I’m not sure if my organisations has the technology or expertise to be able to utilise the Skype system?

Skype has been designed and developed to be exceptionally user-friendly and simple to use; the system requires a microphone (for audio) and a webcam (for video). Bodhi360 can provide even the most tentative organisations and individuals with a comprehensive pre-training advisory service that will ensure that all parties are prepared for their training sessions.

What our clients say

Ms Maxine Latinis

The Individual Safety and Protection course provided by Bodhi360 before my trip to South Africa was beneficial to me in several ways. It boosted my confidence and knowledge to prepare me if faced with a dangerous situation. It taught me multiple ways in which to avoid these situations altogether, and routes to get out of them if unavoidable. I have really been impressed with the team’s intuition and willingness to tailor the training to my destination, and personal weaknesses and preferences. One of the best things about the course was being able to access it anywhere in world by using Skype - I was even able to view their video and powerpoint material.

They are very professional and friendly, and I would highly recommend taking this course for everyday life and especially if travelling alone in less familiar territory, I have already recommended it to friends and family who are heading off on adventures.

Ms Maxine Latinis

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