Blended learning

Blended Learning

The Blended Learning provided by Bodhi360 is delivered through a combination of the three separate training approaches described elsewhere within this Section: Classroom Based Training; Learning Thru Skype and e-learning.

What is Blended Learning, and how does it work?

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Blended Learning is a training approach that facilitates a range of different learning techniques, and effectively combines online digital media with traditional "face to face" classroom training. One of the most important feature of this type of learning experience is that students are able (in part) to control their own access to training in terms of time, place, path or pace.

There are many instances when Blended Learning can work for you or your organisation, some examples of which are listed below:

What benefits can Blended Learning provide for me or my organisation?

The Blended Learning approach adopted by Bodhi360 is, by its very definition, a flexible and learner orientated system that will allow organisations and individuals to make best use of their time, resources and money. The approach provides a number of benefits for organisations and individuals, some of which are described below:

Blended Learning...

What our clients say

Swansea University

Swansea University have been working with Bodhi360 for approximately 18 months. They have developed on line learning packages for international travel and assisted with risk mitigation for post conflict countries including the provision of enhanced field first aid courses. The Company have been totally customer focus developing a tailored solution to our exact requirements.

All of this was delivered with alacrity and the follow up service was exemplary. There is no doubt that engaging Bodhi360 has improved our risk mitigation in this area and protected our reputation immeasurably

Mr Russ Huxtable, Head of Resilience and Business Continuity
Swansea University

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