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Classroom Based Training

Classroom Based Training remains an essential element of Bodhi360’s training portfolio and developmental programmes. We believe that a "face to face" approach enhances individual and group learning through the inclusion of a range of human and physical interactions, which can be facilitated from within the group, directed through the instructor, or combined as an admixture of both.

Our Classroom Based Training is delivered by engaging and proficient instructors with many years of experience in the particular field of study. Courses can be delivered on the client’s premises or at an external venue, and will be structured and designed to meet the specific requirement of the organisation.

What can Bodhi360’s Classroom Based Training offer me or my organisation?

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We believe that our Classroom Based Training offers a range of benefits that provides us with an edge over other providers, while complementing our other training methods such as e-learning and Skype conferencing.

Our instructors are all Subject Matter Experts with profound experience of the subject being taught - and they love to teach! Clients and students will quickly understand that their learning does not end when the course closes; Bodhi360 will ensure that learning continues to be assisted and reinforced, through our unique Q & A portal.

We also find that training within an intimate, "face to face" environment allows our instructors to quickly adapt the learning material, or adopt a different teaching style, to suit everyone’s needs. This outlook also informs the way that we utilise feedback from students in a positive and dynamic way, or when we provide our courses and individuals with performance assessments.

Do we need to provide Bodhi360 with access to a Classroom?

In a word - no! Our team consists of an extremely flexible group of instructors, with vast experience of training people in such diverse places as open plan offices, meeting rooms, canteens, firing ranges, sports fields etc. However, if a suitable venue cannot be sourced by the client organisation, Bodhi360 can make arrangements for the training to take place locally.

Will Bodhi360 provide administrative support and performance feedback?

Bodhi360 can provide the client with a full range of training services (including comprehensive training audit and needs analysis), and this extends to the provision of progress and performance data. We also adopt the Systems Approach to Training (SAT) approach to course design and validation, and as such will always offer to provide the client with a comprehensive internal and external validation service.

What our clients say


Bodhi360 provided my employees with some great training and guidance that really helped them to stay safe, secure and healthy when travelling - whether from their homes to the office, or when on international business trips abroad. They immediately grasped my requirements, designed some fantastic course material and used innovative and entertaining delivery methods to get their learning points across.

James Ormiston, Managing Director

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