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Core Values

Bodhi360 utilises three core subject areas when developing courses, as follows:

Safety & Security

Despite what our media would have us all believe the world is probably no more dangerous a place than it was a generation ago. Indeed, there is strong evidence to suggest that, given the right levels of preparation and training, exciting opportunities proliferate for the businessman, academic or independent traveller within new and vibrant regions.

Bodhi360 understands that for any individual or organisation to develop, improve and progress, risks will need to be taken within demanding and dangerous environments. We are equally certain that, where risks exist, they can be mitigated, controlled and reduced through a process of training, education and mentoring.

Our Safety and Security training elements are validated and delivered by a team of Bodhi360 consultants, all of whom possess the type of unique experience and wisdom that only a rich and varied career within UK Special Forces can provide. This proficiency in the field of Safety and Security is augmented by a number of education and training specialists who will be able to translate client requirements into the learning product.

This Safety and Security module will provide the client with the skills and knowledge necessary to live, learn and survive effectively and safely within any geographic setting, from Hull to Hanoi. Many of our teaching points will be of a generic nature; however, courses can be tailored to meet specific client requirements from a geographic, political or cultural context.

Environmental, Medical & Health

Perhaps the greatest risk to travellers when they travel abroad does not emanate from human sources, but from the combined (and powerful) forces of Mother Nature and the animal kingdom! To the average westerner, accustomed as he or she is to temperate weather conditions and domesticated pets, a business trip to Brazil or a vacation to Vietnam can quickly go from pleasure to disaster in the shake of a tree viper’s tail, or the cascade of a flash river flood.

The Environmental, Medical and Health (EMH) team at Bodhi360 possess all of the wisdom and know-how you would expect from a group of specialists with over forty years of accumulated United Kingdom Special Forces medical experience. Our primary EMH consultants are accredited and certified across a range of diverse medical and health sectors, and have encountered and experienced the full gamut of EMH conditions and emergencies across every continent.

Our EMH training element provides fundamental information for any traveller, going to any part of the world, and recognises the fact that many of the most dangerous risks may come from dirty water or unhygienic conditions. While many of the learning objectives will be shaped by the client’s needs, Bodhi can also provide a base-lined, more generic, training package that provides a comprehensive overview that can be applied to travel to any part of the globe.

Cultural, Social & Political

One of the central purposes of travel is to broaden the mind and enhance ones knowledge of the wider world. For those very basic reasons, then, it is important to take time to understand the Cultural, Political and Social (CPS) aspects of the regions or countries in advance of when you intend to visit.

However there are other, more urgent, reasons to familiarise oneself with the key CPS threads that constitute the fabric of a city, region or country. A businessman keen to close a deal will benefit from that extra bit of commercial and marketing intelligence pertinent to the area, while any traveller requires that extra level of localised information to remain safe and secure during their trip.

The CPS element of our courses will embrace and deliver all of the essential information that any traveller needs when encountering new situations. These elements will inevitably be driven by the requirements of the client, though many of the core lessons can be applied within any given scenario.

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