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Bespoke Programmes

Bodhi360 is a company that takes a fresh approach to the provision of Situation Awareness training. We believe that, by carefully assessing the specific requirements of our clients, we can provide bespoke training packages that will help to keep people safe as well as maximising business results. This training approach is augmented by the wide-ranging expertise of our highly-respected Training and Development Consultants, the majority of whom have substantial experience within UK Special Forces.

We also recognise that in today’s world of business and leisure, where time is limited and people expect an "on-demand" service, organisations and individuals want to have convenient access to their training. We have therefore adopted a blended learning approach that combines contemporary e-learning & multi-media training with more traditional "face to face" courses. This allows for an optimal delivery method for every client...

...and of course it’s the client’s requirements that will dictate the depth, length and complexity of Bodhi’s training products.

If you think your organisation would benefit from a tailored package of training from Bodhi360, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our e-learning Courses

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