There is no doubt that our world faces a broad range of environmental and security challenges, and there is a perception that, in order to keep our students and staff safe, we should wrap them in rules, regulations and cotton wool.

Unfortunately, this oversensitivity to risk can inhibit the growth of the individual student, and potentially deny them the chance to reinforce lessons learned in class through experience in the wider world.

There are obviously some concerns with us travelling to Paris, but the Info-Training Pack is a really good way of communicating to parents what we have done in terms of planning and back up, as well as [incorporating] any changes to the itinerary so that parents are clear that we have planned the trip in detail.

Miss Emma Spence - Science Teacher and Trip Leader to Paris (July 2016), Saint Richard Gwyn Catholic High School

It is also true that the work involved in managing External Learning & Research can be onerous; a teacher or lecturer with a workload that is already stretched may, potentially, struggle to manage the paperwork associated with managing the risk as well as the administrative and logistic requirements of the trip.

Add in the requirement to demonstrate a "Value for Money" approach to managing budgets, and one gains a real sense of how difficult it can be for organisations to provide meaningful External Learning and Research experiences for their students and staff.

We want to provide new, fresh and innovative ways for students to learn, as well as making life interesting for staff... however, we do this in the knowledge that we have a Duty of Care to maintain, and so we have to make everything as safe as possible. Bodhi360 helped us to achieve this.

Mr Bernard Sciambarella - Deputy Headmaster, Saint Richard Gwyn Catholic High School

Bodhi360 understands the issues and concerns that organisations (and parents) may have when sending students and staff to new or challenging environments. We have the expertise to design and develop bespoke training packages that meet the most robust of client requirements, and which will ensure that all parties are given the best possible chance of success in their studies, research or business development.

Our Info-Training packages can help schools to successfully meet their Duty of Care burden by providing them with the tools to manage their key responsibilities within a single and well defined package. Each package can be accessed on most platforms on a 24/7 basis and has the flexibility to be updated quickly and effectively.

The video at the top of the page provides feedback from a school that recently commissioned Bodhi360 to provide an Info-Training package for their Geography field trip to Iceland, and should answer many of your immediate questions.

The Bodhi360 package really did save us time... as a teacher it can be really difficult to fit everything in within a school day and, by putting all the information into the one place, it meant we could reduce the effort spent organising letters and meetings. It’s a great way of organising your trip and saving masses of time!

Michael Hughes - Head of Geography & Trip Leader to Iceland (Feb 2016), Saint Richard Gwyn Catholic High School

Students supporting one another

Info-Training Packages Case Study

We at Bodhi360 are extremely proud of our Info-Training Packages, and believe that they will meet a growing demand within the Education sector for a product that will provide teachers, pupils and parents with the means to be well prepared, safe and reassured. But then we would say that, wouldn’t we!

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Young man camping in the wild

Info-Training Package "Taster"

The Info-Training Packages (ITP) produced by Bodhi360 will, where possible, reflect the ethos of the school and the nature of the External Learning experience. The primary thrust of the ITP is to provide information and guidance that will keep children (and staff) safe and secure within the environment they will be operating within.

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