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Business travel

The focus of any business trip away from the UK should, ordinarily, be on the creation of a profitable commercial environment. However, it is equally true that risks will be prevalent wherever and whenever the businessperson travels, and not just in those flashpoint areas that are so graphically publicised by the media.

While the physical security of the traveller must always be a priority, both for the individual and for the organisation that he or she represents, it is also essential that other factors are considered in order to stay safe and, potentially, increase profitability.

The training and development products provided by Bodhi360 will allow the businessperson to travel confidently and securely throughout any country, region or city. Our E-Learning packages, blended with face-to-face training and skilfully utilising social media channels, will also give the business traveller indispensable advice and information on prevailing environmental and medical conditions, while at the same time providing the fundamental cultural, political and social intelligence that may be critical to closing a deal.

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