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Individual Protection Plans

In this age of high-speed rail travel, ultra-efficient aircraft and superfast broadband, it may appear to the casual observer that the world is becoming a smaller place. However, it is equally true that every advance in technology and engineering presents new challenges for the traveller to overcome. Whatever your viewpoint, the fact remains that global travel retains its capacity to surprise, delight and terrify in equal measure.

Bodhi360's range of Individual Protection Plan courses are intended to provide the traveller - from any background or age group - with the essential skills and information required to manage the majority of challenges they may encounter during their trip.

eLearning Courses

Travel Ready: Stay Safe, Secure & Healthy

This package has been designed and developed for people seeking training and guidance on how to stay safe, secure and healthy when travelling.Given the current global situation,  this need for reassurance applies to anyone, whether you are a business person exploring new markets, a PhD student on a research trip to a challenging...

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Hotel Safety and Security

For many people travelling for business or for pleasure, the last thing they think about is the Safety and Security of their accommodation. However, most travellers spend up to 50% of their trip in their hotel room, suite, or dormitory, so it's probably one of the most important elements of any Individual Protection Plan.Despite...

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Situation Awareness 101

Recent global terrorist atrocities, the proliferation of natural disasters and increased incidents of violent crime have all tragically demonstrated why ordinary citizens need to increase their awareness of their surroundings, and take more responsibility for their own safety and security.Bodhi360’s Situation Awareness 101...

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The Essential Guide to Personal Safety at Work

Personal Safety Awareness training is very effective in reducing violent and aggressive incidents, both in the workplace and in the wider world. Staff can benefit from this course’s advice at work and in everyday situations. Throughout the course there are tips and strategies that will allow individuals and employees to become...

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Travel Ready: Stay Healthy

Welcome to the Bodhi 360 'Travel Ready: Stay Healthy' e-learning course.  Even a relatively minor illness or a slight injury can upset your daily routine no matter when or where it occurs. However should you fall ill or hurt yourself whilst travelling away from home, you will almost certainly feel much worse.  Access to...

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Tricks, Tips and Kit for Travellers

This introductory course provides a range of 'tricks, tips and kit' that travellers can utilise to make their trip more successful, enjoyable and, ultimately, safe.

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