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Travel Ready: Stay Healthy

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Welcome to the Bodhi 360 'Travel Ready: Stay Healthy' e-learning course.  

Even a relatively minor illness or a slight injury can upset your daily routine no matter when or where it occurs. However should you fall ill or hurt yourself whilst travelling away from home, you will almost certainly feel much worse.  

Access to medical care can be that bit more difficult, feeling ill in unfamiliar surroundings that bit more distressing.  Even minor ailments can ruin a long anticipated holiday or impinge upon an important business meeting.

It therefore makes sense to give a little thought to the potential illnesses or injuries you may face so that you can, where possible, avoid falling ill in the first place - and if anything untoward does happen you will be better able to deal with it.

This course is divided down into four seperate sections, as follows:

Each section can be studied or referred to independently of the others, and will be accessible to even the most infrequent or inexperienced of travellers.

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