Team of worker bees

Our Team

Dougie Eaglesham

Dougie is a co-founder and Director of Bodhi360 and served 25 years with HM Forces (including many years with UK Special Forces as a Communications Specialist) travelling extensively and gaining experience as a Training and Operations Manager. Since leaving the army in 2005, Dougie has worked as a Programme Manager for Airbus and the Saudi Arabian National Guard, and has recently qualified as an English teacher at secondary level.

Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy is a co-founder and Director of Bodhi360. He has over thirty years’ experience in business and is an alumni of Manchester Business School.  Jeremy brings extensive experience in the software and publishing sector, having worked as a business consultant in Europe, North America and the Far East.  In recent years he has managed one of Europe's largest compliance eLearning businesses, primarily serving Blue Chip clients with global operations.


Alan recently retired from the British Army having served 34 years, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel after enlisting as a private soldier. A Bodhi360 lead consultant (Cultural, Social and Political) with extensive experience of service with UK Special Forces as a communications specialist, Alan’s talents relate to the translation of Requirements into Deliverables. He has managed pre-deployment preparation for forces personnel (including families) travelling overseas.


Dereck retired from regular service in 2004 after serving for 17 years with UK Special Forces, though continues to serve as a reservist with the Regiment. A Bodhi360 lead consultant (Safety and Security), Dereck has an MSc in Security Management and has substantial global experience within the Personal and Organisational security industry.


Steve served for 22 years in the Armed Forces, 14 of which were with the UK Special Forces group, and is the Bodhi360 Lead Consultant responsible for Environmental, Health and Medical issues. For the last four years of his career Steve was the Chief Medical Instructor for UK Special Forces, where he successfully designed and delivered complex multi-agency medical training. This training would often be based overseas, and  incorporated learning strategies sympathetic to foreign personnel.

Dr Lesley Perman-Kerr

Dr Lesley Perman-Kerr

Dr Perman-Kerr is an internationally recognised Psychologist who combines clinical practice with consultancy to public and private sector organisations, specialising in crisis contingency planning, preparation for exposure to hostile environments, kidnap survival and treatment of psychological trauma related conditions. Lesley will provide Bodhi360 with professional advice and guidance on a range of areas that require a psychological perspective.