Situation Awareness Training
for the Education & Business Sectors
& the Independent Traveller

Bodhi 360 takes a fresh approach to the provision of Situation Awareness training. By carefully analysing the specific requirements of our clients, we provide bespoke learning packages that will keep people safer and more secure within a range of environments. This training approach is augmented by the knowledge and expertise of our consultants, many of whom have substantial experience within UK Special Forces.

We also recognise that when time is limited and people expect an "on-demand" service, organisations and individuals need to have convenient access to their training. We therefore utilise a blended learning approach that combines contemporary e-learning & multi-media training with more traditional "face to face" courses, thus providing optimal delivery methods for every client.

The Bodhi 360 Mission Statement…

"To provide the key skills, information and knowledge necessary to manage, reduce or avoid organisational and personal risks at home and abroad."

Classroom Based Training

Classroom Based Training

Bodhi360’s Classroom Based Training is delivered by engaging and proficient instructors with many years of experience in the particular field of study. Courses can be delivered on the client’s premises or at an external venue, and will be structured and designed to meet the specific requirement of the organisation.

We believe that classroom sessions remain an important element of any effective developmental programme. They enhance individual learning through the inclusion of a range of human interactions, which can be facilitated from within the group, directed through the instructor, or a mixture of both.

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Dynamic e-learning

Dynamic e-learning

The e-learning capability provided by Bodhi360 offers a range of benefits that gives it an edge over traditional training methods, especially within a context or environment where learners may be widely dispersed over large geographic areas.

Given the "on-demand" nature of today’s society, Bodhi360’s e-learning platform provides organisations and individuals with dynamic, flexible and efficient training delivery for learners of all levels, at the touch of a button. What’s more, our Learning Management System provides organisations with the tools to manage their own learners’ progress and attainment.

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Learning Thru Skype

Learning Thru Skype

Bodhi360 utilises Skype conferencing technology to deliver dynamic training to remote organisations or individuals for truly flexible learning. Content is delivered in a realistic and imaginative fashion, features live interaction between the student(s) and instructor(s), and can incorporate Presentation slides and video learning aids.

In a period when organisations are encouraging their employees to operate as remote workers, this method of remote training helps to save time, money and the environment and thus fits neatly into the ethos most modern companies look to embrace.

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Who can benefit from our Situation Awareness training?

International business


Students at graduation


Retired couple travelling in India

Independent Traveller

CPD Member - The CPD Certification Service collective mark

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is the holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers, and is also the term used to describe the learning activities that professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive.

Bodhi360 are accredited members (Reg. 11190) of the CPD Certification Service, and can provide training for organisations and individuals that will enable people to improve their situation awareness and risk management skills while obtaining useful CPD points.

The Bodhi360 courses that have been certified by CPD have been annotated with the appropriate logo and descriptor, and once passed the learner will be provided with evidence of completion via a signed certificate.